It's Not Just You; My Restroom Also Smells Musty

It’s Not Just You; My Restroom Also Smells Musty

Do you use the term “My bathroom smells musty” more frequently now than you used to? It’s not just you! Bathrooms naturally provide warm, moist environments that are conducive to the growth of mold and mildew. The steam from the shower might not be the cause, though, if your nose is alerting you that it’s not just a regular day in a regular bathroom.

Why does my bathroom smell like it might be musty?

The amount of water used in a bathroom, especially hot water, might lead the area to keep a constant humidity level. Keeping the air clean and the surroundings dry can be challenging chores. On the other hand, if you notice a musty smell, you are probably dealing with the fungus that causes mold to grow.

What specifically is a mold issue?

Mold is occasionally cunning. It can be found growing behind walls and inside cabinets. It might start growing under your shower curtain’s folds, or in the crevices behind your towels, picture frames, or mirrors. It can gather on your paint, your light fixtures, your fan, the grout between your tiles, the regions around your faucets, toilets, and bathtubs, as well as inside of them.

It not only smells bad but there is a chance that it could be bad for your health and the health of your family. Numerous symptoms, such as headaches, runny noses, sore sinuses, tiredness, nausea, nosebleeds, and breathing difficulties, can be brought on by mold. Additionally, there are other potential problems than the obvious mold. Mold spores may become dislodged and disperse through the air if the mold is disturbed. When this happens, it could worsen any existing mold-related health issues you may have and spread to other areas of your house.

What can I do to get my bathroom's musty smell out?

You should take action if your bathroom smells musty. It cannot possibly get better on its own. In actuality, the situation’s severity will only get worse with time. Which alternatives do you have? Try out a few of these ideas:

  • Increase the bathroom’s ventilation. Better ventilation will help your bathroom dry out after you shower or bath, which will help reduce the humidity and stop mold growth.
  • By regularly cleaning your bathroom, you can keep the area tidy. This will lessen the likelihood of mold growth while also eradicating the fungus that causes mold and maintaining a pleasant odor.
  • Use the right supplies; just as it’s important to properly wash your hands after using the restroom, it’s as important to keep the bathroom clean by using suitable cleaning agents.
  • Shower wall squeegee – After finishing your shower, squeegee the shower walls to get rid of any surplus water and reduce humidity.
  • Since it may be tempting to let the bathroom become warm and humid while you are taking a shower or bath, turn on the fan. To lessen the chance that mold will start to grow, run the fan both while you’re in the shower or tub and right after.

Work hard with the professionals

You can take the necessary steps to make sure that your bathroom stays dry in the future if you discover that it has a musty smell. Contact the local Plumbers North Bergen office to check for leaking pipes and improve ventilation. Call (201) 389-9959.