Humidity Control & Dehumidification


How Do Humidity Control Systems Work?

When it’s cold outside, your heating system dries out the air as it warms. Overly dry air can damage wood floors, wood instruments, and other items; it can also be harmful to your health, causing dry, itchy skin and nosebleeds. It increases your susceptibility to viruses and infections. Whole-house humidifiers add moisture back into the air, allowing you to achieve healthy humidity levels while protecting your health and the fine wood in your home. It also aids in the prevention of annoying static electricity in your home.

Whole-house humidifiers are classified into two types:
Evaporative Humidifier – BJC Plumbers installs bypass and power humidifiers the majority of the time. This type of humidifier adds humidity to the air by forcing dry air across a moist pad using the system’s fan or a built-in fan. The humidified air is then circulated throughout the house via the furnace ductwork. Because this type of humidifier is relatively simple to install by a trained professional, it is reasonably priced.
A steam humidifier works similarly to a vaporizer. It heats water to produce steam, which is then introduced into the ductwork via a dispersion tube. A steam humidifier is ideal for larger homes with a lot of wood, cigar collections, or musical instruments. It can provide indefinite humidity, which a power humidifier cannot.
Dehumidifier for the Whole House
When it’s hot outside, your cooling system dampens the air in your home as it cools. Too much moisture can lead to mold or mildew growth and a musty odor in certain areas of the home. A whole-house dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, preventing harmful bacterial growth. It also serves as an air purifier by lowering the humidity level, which allows viruses and mold to thrive.

To accomplish this, a dehumidifier contains several components:

The humid air is drawn in by the fan compressor.
Cooling coils are used to cool the air and thus remove excess moisture.
Re-heater – Returns the dehumidified, cooled air to a comfortable temperature.
Many dehumidifier models are also outfitted with:

A Humidistat measures the humidity levels in your home.
A condensate pump transports the water removed from the air away from the unit.