Guide to Water Heater Troubleshooting | How to Inspect the Water Heater's Reset Button

Guide to Water Heater Troubleshooting | How to Inspect the Water Heater’s Reset Button

The reset button on the water heater will promptly cut off electricity to the heating elements if it detects that they are experiencing excessive resistance. A frigid shower is sometimes the first sign that a homeowner’s reset button has been tripped, cutting energy to the water heater’s heating components. This is due to the fact that many homeowners shower in the morning.

You must be aware of the location of the reset button on your water heater and how to test it. You’ll need to know where the reset button is if your water doesn’t heat up, and you’ll also need to know what to do if pressing the reset button doesn’t fix the problem right away.

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Where exactly is the water heater reset button located?

The reset button is frequently located next to the water heater’s thermostat. You will want a screwdriver to remove the cover plate from the thermostat so that you can access the thermostat and the button to reset it. If you look closely, you might see insulation surrounding the thermostat. In certain designs, a plastic cover is used to conceal the cables around the reset button and temperature dial. Be aware that most modern electric water heaters only have one reset button, even though they often have two heating elements and two thermostats.

The owner’s manual can be used as a reference if you’re having trouble locating the button on your water heater that resets the thermostat. A labeled diagram of the water heater should be included at the start of the instruction booklet.

How to check if the reset button is functioning

If the reset button on your electric water heater is lit up or if the heating element has tripped, you must reset the thermostat. Normally, one of the thermostats (generally the top one) will be close by, and the button to reset the thermostat will be red. You only need to press the button to reset the thermostat (but be careful not to touch any of the wires in the area). The thermostat’s electricity will be turned back on as a result, and your water should be warm once more after an hour.

The reset button is still erratic

The thermostat can be broken if you press the reset button on it and it still trips after you do. As an alternative, there can be a persistent issue with the power supply the water heater is using. To receive help in your region, contact Plumbers North Bergen.

Get Assistance with Your Thermostat-Related Issues from a Professional

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