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7 Common Plumbing Issues in Commercial Structures

Whether you operate a restaurant or manage an office space, you want your business to succeed, including the plumbing. Most of the time, the status of your commercial plumbing systems is an afterthought since you believe everything is in working order. With so much daily usage, an issue will occur before you notice it.

Even a little leak may cause substantial damage, so keep an eye out for any plumbing systems that aren’t functioning correctly. This may impact everyday operations or prevent customers from visiting your establishment, so take action as soon as you see anything that could be improved.

7 Common Plumbing Issues in Commercial Structures

With such an extensive plumbing system, a problem in your facility is unavoidable. Depending on the facility’s scale, some buildings have miles of pipes carrying substantial water and waste to and from the site. Here are some potential problems with your commercial plumbing system.

Clogged Drains

You’ve probably seen a clogged drain at some point, and it’s never a lovely sight. Because commercial plumbing systems see significantly more traffic than residential systems, a clogged drain in a corporate building is far more likely to occur than in a house or apartment.

Effective drains are crucial in business environments, such as a restaurant. Restaurant kitchens produce more rubbish per day than the average family. Thus, these drains would clog more quickly. Even though a commercial plumbing system is more resilient than a household system, blockages are very common due to the large amount of debris and water that travels down the drains regularly.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes, like drains, get a lot of use regularly in large areas and may eventually wear out. These constructions need complex plumbing systems, with extra pipes necessitating regular maintenance. With so many pipes running through the structure and so much traffic, a leak might occur practically anywhere.

Unfortunately, since there are so many pipes, it’s easy for these leaks to go undiscovered if regular maintenance isn’t conducted. You may notice a leak in your building once you notice a bigger problem, such as rust, mildew, or water damage on walls and ceilings.

Water Temperature Regulation

Hundreds of feet of water lines may be utilized to convey hot and cold water, depending on the size of the construction, across the structure property. This necessitates a lot of strain on the water heater. Furthermore, water temperature adjustment is critical for avoiding public health problems, depending on the company’s needs.

Commercial water heaters are more susceptible to difficulties. They may sustain damage faster than residential units because they must work much harder to heat the many gallons of water carried around the facility. As a consequence, the temperature of the water coming from your faucet may vary significantly.


The last thing you want is for clients or employees to enter your business and be greeted with a foul stench from the pipes and drains. If the stink is manageable, you may retain some customers.

If there is a clog anywhere along the main sewage line, the odors may enter the building via the pipes. This may also happen when valves that direct gasses through pipes and away from the building malfunction.

Odors in your restaurant, retail store, or office building frequently indicate a more significant plumbing problem. Furthermore, smells often include harmful bacteria that may impact the health of those in the building. As a result, it is preferable to act promptly and contact a local plumber to solve the issue and keep your business running.

Poor Water Pressure

Low water pressure may not seem significant, but it might signal a pipe leak. The pressure will be substantially reduced if water escapes before reaching the faucet. Depending on your sector, low water pressure may impact your ability to complete your activity.

Leaking Faucets

Your building most certainly has a lot of faucets, and keeping them in good working order might be challenging. Every year, a leaky faucet may waste hundreds of gallons of water. To prevent a hefty water bill, inspect your faucets for drips. If you see even one leaking faucet, call BJC Plumbers North Bergen to help you resolve the problem.

Running Toilets

Toilet flappers provide a seal inside the toilet tank. If this seal is not formed due to improper flapper alignment, your toilet may run continuously, wasting hundreds of dollars in water. A scenario like this is inescapable since your corporate facility most likely has more bathrooms than a regular household. Instead of trying a do-it-yourself repair, hire a North Bergen plumber.

How to Resolve Commercial Plumbing Problems for Your North Bergen Business

If you meet any of these problems, you must be prepared to deal with them quickly and effectively. Most do-it-yourself cures are very temporary and may aggravate your situation. Instead, contact BJC Plumbers North Bergen for a commercial plumber.

To keep your North Bergen-area business running, our experienced and insured personnel can solve any last-minute emergencies or persistent difficulties. We are a commercial repair firm focusing on leak detection and trenchless solutions. The longer you wait to fix your commercial plumbing systems, the worse the issues may get. So please don’t put it off any longer; get in touch with BJC Plumbers North Bergen to learn more!